Internet a source of social networking and entertainment

By the passage of time, the sources of social activities and entertainment keep on changing. There was a time when people gathered in the evening a common public place and share their experiences which they had during the day time. And also share their plans, ideas and thoughts for future which were helpful for all the audience. Though, the people of that time were not much educated but their level of wisdom was much higher than the wisdom of this so call modern age. The males have more opportunity for such activities because of various reasons which includes cultural, religious and regional values.

Now in this modern age, internet has taken place of all such aforementioned activities. Internet is the source of social activities as well as entertainment. There are millions of sites over the net which cover the purpose of the people of all the ages irrespective of gender. You want to increase your social network or you are just looking for games, movies or some other sort of entertainment, internet is the global village for your necessities. Though, it has lots of advantages but it also has disadvantages, as it is accessible for everyone, so there are various sites which are harmful for the children such as adult site. However, with a little care parent can prevent their children to visit such sites.