Iphone 5 super duper blockbuster

Apple is pleasing the tech savvy’s since long times and is ready to dispatch a record amount of 25million iphone 5 soon with a bang.

Reports have made it clear that the new iphone includes a new version of wireless baseband chip designed by Qualcomm which replaces the old iphone 4 chip provided by Infineon extravagantly. It allows the user to use both CDMA and GSM networks worldwide.

Latest model iphone 5 is thin and light in weight than its previous version having 1.2 GHz faster processor, an antenna, more storage, outstanding camera and larger screen of about 3.7 inches. Different website is giving different news about the new arrival but the only common prediction that is obvious on every site is “iphone 5 is going to be the super duper blockbuster” soon in mobile industry.

All gadgets lovers are anxiously waiting for this marvelous cell phone. I myself can’t wait to get my hands on the latest version of Apple iphone.