Jal Band Is Going To Release New Album

The pop/rock band, jal band is going to release their new album in March 2012 by name piyass. Before it they released two albums. There song mahiya from the album boodh which released back in the 2007. The most fascinating things about this video which has received mixed reviews from the fans. Till now jal has managed two music albums in their long career. Both albums get commercial success. This will be the album without farhan saeed, who is departed from the band for pursuing is a sole career. In famous news paper confirmed the breaking news of jal spilt third time. As they spoke to the band about it. There hasn’t been fighting among us and farhan added it. There is no hard feeling for each other and members of the band it’s like being in company where there is a board of directors and all decisions have to be maybe collectively and farhan also said this that being solo now like being the owner of my own business, I can do things the way I want and on my terms. Anyways people were really curious about that who is going to join the jal band.