Junaid Jamshed to Make His Come Back In Collaboration with Salman Ahmed

Vital Signs were a Pakistani pop rock band that formed in Rawalpindi in 1986.the group was formed by Rohail hayyat (keyboards & guitars).this was the first successful Pakistan pop group. And the first album was a huge hit. Great hits that based largely on Pakistan’s culture and tradition. The band and the vocalist JuNAID JAMSHED has still classified as one of the famous band in Pakistan and will never are forgotten.

As vital signs junoon was a super hit Sufi rock band formed in 1990.Vocalist Ali azmat, salman Ahmed as a guitarist .Salman Ahmed is a doctor by traing and a musician by profession. While in med school he was also a member of Pakistan first pop band, vital sign, the album included the mega hit anthem ‘’dil dil Pakistan’’which is still in the heart of thousands of fans.

A few months ago guitarist and vocalist, salman Ahmed and junaid jamshed, an inspiration of young youth, come back in collaboration. He didn’t elaborate the news but just give a hint. But now the news has been broken that ‘Junaid jamshed is making his comeback with his popular song ‘’dil dil Pakistan’’and ‘’jazba’’.the news actually came up by the photo which is posted by salman Ahmed, in which both singers are doing rehearsals for their upcoming song. For this picture salman Ahmed said “we’re recording a 21sat century version of dil dil Pakistan and jazba”

I think the collaboration of both singers will definitely bring something new and different in the up coming years.