Kailash Kher says about Pakistan

“Performing in the neighbouring country was an overwhelming and interesting experience. My band and I crossed the Wagah border on foot. The custom officers and everyone else there greeted us with open arms and were very warm.

The audience was very enthusiastic and cheered for my performance after every song. When we reached the venue, we were told that the concert tickets are being sold in black and police had to intervene to stop that. The tickets were sold out, so many waited outside the gates in the hope of getting tickets.

I was told not to go to Karachi but it is my fans’ love that took me there. I had been planning to visit the country for sometime but there were problems getting permissions. But as soon as we got them, we booked a date.

I did not have enough time to shop and go sightseeing, yet I found Pakistan much like India. People are lovely and very friendly. I would love to visit the place again.”