Kristen Bell- renowned in all over the world

An actress which is renowned in all over the world. She is Kristen Bell, mostly worked in the film industry of Hollywood. Kristen Bell was born on 18.07.1980 (United States). In her first film, the role was a polish welding. She got a great praise in this movie. The television series in which she most famous was Veronica Mars. This series was started on September 2004 and ends on May 2007.

 In the early life of Kristen Bell, In her age of two years her parents were divorced. There were two half sisters of Bell which from the second marriage of her father. The names of her sister were Sara and Jody. When she was only four years old she expressed that she did not like her first name. So due to these expressions of Bell, her mother renamed a middle name as Annie. After her freshman year Bell’s parents decided to pull her from the public school where she studied. After this public school, she got an admission in the Shrine Catholic High School.

Lady Bell was brilliant from her childhood life. In Shrine school she took part in the dramas which were organized in the school for the entertainment of students. She won the starring role first time in the school on 1997 which was the production of The Wizard. After the completion of her graduation, she moved towards the city of New York. In New York, she got an admission in arts school. Because she had a lot of interest to get a arts education.