Kristen Stewart Movie Release Date Announced

The release date of hollywood’s up-coming movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” has been revealed dated june 1, 2012. Kristen Stewart fans are eagerly waiting for her soon-to-be-blockbust movie.
According to a clip that was broadcasted in MTV’s pre-Movie Awards preview demonstrates Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart in a scene narrating
“The Queen’s men hunt us. They’re very close,” in Snow White and the Huntsman in movie.
While briefing the media, Stewart commended about the up-coming project
I tasted little bits of action in other movies, and I thought that I was such a huge badass. I was like, ‘I love it. Honestly, I just love how it makes you feel. It feels real. You get to actually do it, and then at the end, you’re not like I faked it.’ I faked a lot. It was hard. I hurt myself, but it was fun.”