Lana to cancel Japan gigs

The American singer and lady song-writer, Lana Del Rey was scheduled to perform a gig in japan but had to cancel forcefully. Just before going live, Lana felt some disorder for which she was transported to hospital. She was looking for a long-term plan in japan to perform multiple concerts including the capital city Tokyo of japan.

Lana’ manager apologized on behalf of her saying that

“It is with great regret Lana will not be performing in Tokyo. She is suffering from exhaustion and the show had to be cancelled.

While couple of days later, Lana herself addressed the Japanese fans and said

‘I am really sorry to not have made it over to Japan again, I would love to be there to sing and look forward to performing a show that the fans deserve’.”

She added on twitter: “Wish I could be with everyone in Tokyo but I’m really sorry I am sick. Thinking of you and I will come back soon.”