Living on the edge by WAQAR ZAKA

Living on the edge, “sub se himat wala kon”,the first Pakistani reality show first episode aired on 14 January 2010.on Ary music. The winner of the show was renowned public figure Zaigham khan.

Waqar zaka becomes the first TV host in the world to perform a dare with a lioness, and this is the first ever time that a tv host along with the lioness for taking auditions with the contestants, get ready to feel the wild auditions in this year living on the edge; the selected contestants will than have to stay for 10 days together away from home to win the contest, then fined out who win the contest this year.

The show was a big success, show rating were top most and beat all competing channels by a long shot.

Waqar zaka made a world record by its show. There are many dare/reality shows like Fear factor or MTV roadies etc but the host of these shows have never done anything so daring. Pakistani vj waqar zaka whose host and director of living on the edge, Pakistan’s first most popular daring reality show has just broken a deadly world record of kissing 20 cobras in the first episode of living on the edge Pakistan tour on 14 august 2008.Infact auditions are very much interesting, watch auditions that you have never seen, they are not like singing auditions, they are acting, dance or dare performing auditions but surely these are the first ever guts testing daring auditions.

Watch the episodes carefully as you can win living on the edge’s goodie bag containing dvd, t-shirts and caps you just have to predict the 4 contestants out of the 8 which waqar will select and after the episode you will send your predictions by sms.