Lux style Awards

Among many other entertaining tools of Pakistani people one such very popular and entertaining tool is Lux style awards. These awards are organized to pay a tribute and honor to Pakistani showbiz stars for their hard work and best performance. The first Lux style award ceremony was held in Karachi in 2002. Annually about 30 awards are given as a recognition of talent of different artists. There are different categories in this stylish award ceremony from television, music, fashion, and film. This is the biggest and most popular award show for which Pakistani people wait through out the year.

Every year Lux style awards are arranged in a new and versatile manner and entertaining their people in a separate style. Artists seem to be very excited and they should be, because the award ceremony is like a day of result on which all of the artists came to know about their performance. At the same time an excitement can be seen in audience that the award show made them fully entertain. Audience is entertained with beautiful songs and dance performances done by television and film actress and actresses. The most fascinating entertainment tool has completed its first decade with ever lasting memories and charm.

Lux style awards or LSA is the presentation of Unilever Pakistan as a gift to Pakistani people and every year they fulfill their promise with an extra charm and unique elegance. The enthusiasm of both artist’s and people is at the peak as people become very excited to see their favorite stars winnings. The awards ceremony duration is about one and half hour and each moment of the show are providing breathtaking and soul touching entertainment. In short, when it comes to fashion trends, mix of modern and classic tradition and full entertainment, then Lux style awards stand first in the minds of Pakistani people.