Madona,the rock star

A multimillionaire, Known as modern sex goddess, collected most expansive painting of nudes and has a great life I all aspect of life either love or entertainment. When she was born her father was told by a numerologist and palmist that Madonna will be the rock star and sexiest woman on earth, her father disliked her from the childhood after knowing from palmist.

She lives in white villa in Hollywood Hills drives a black Mercedes, dines with showbiz  stars and keep herself going with the help of yoga and spirituality, wears a diamond on her nose and golden necklace which spells her name and her own record company called Maverick which presented Alanis Morrisette.Madonna has a rebellious nature and never been reluctant to push the people with his criticism and outspoken nature but whatever she does interest to the world a lot and people always ready to know about her. She is not the queen of Romania but most famous woman on earth.

Madonna is a singer and actor as well ,her latest movie ‘swept away’ directed by husband Guy Ritchie faired, her songs are characterised by many liking and disliking some says she is the best charming and lively singer but other said that her thin voice not very much demanding on dance pop songs. She never stands still and every two years she comes up with the new look which admire people and each time it’s successful.

Being the social activist she promote such activities by the help of time and the money. Presently she promoted AIDS education and prevention. She is more than forty years of age and still using imagination and creative in her fashion and songs