Man tackled heavy snow

A man has been extracted alive from the car frozen in snow for about two months. Man stayed alive without any food in such extreme conditions.

Initially the car was spotted by a man on snow scooter roaming around the area. The forest was filled with heavy snow near the northern town of Umeaa. Duty officer at the time stated that

“He saw movement and realised there was probably a person in there and called the police.”

“They were amazed at what they found: A man in his mid-40s huddled inside in a sleeping bag “in really bad shape,” starving and barely able to move or speak.” He further added.
Media reports are being erupted that temperature has fallen down to the lowest level of -30 degree centigrade. The man was not reported even missing for the two months had survived the climatic situation since mid-December of 2011. He was taken to the nearest emergency hospital, Norrlands University Hospital.