Marilyn married the famous baseball player Joe Di Maggio

She was known as the sexiest woman of the 20th century. She offered sex without strings at her times. She was born on june1, 1926 in Los Angeles, U.S.A.Her mother; maternal grandparents had a miserable life and went into mental homes. She spent time in boarding house and her vital exubarrant sexuality appealed everyone from the school life too and once said ‘’my arrival in school started everybody buzzing, the boys screaming and groaning ‘’ At last she had found a constant in her life that she could rely on. Her dazzling look gave her confidence.

While working at Marilyn defence plant in 1944, A United States Army Photographer noticing her magnetic sex appeal induced her to pose for posters for the troops. An instant success as a model she was signed by a number of magazines as cover girl. The golden tressed, curvaceous blond goddess with a Madonna’s face was the instant choice of Arthur Horn blow jr and john Houston when they looking for a face to fill a minor part in their film,’The Asphalt jungle’As soon as we saw her we knew she was the one ‘recalled Harnblow.She was recognized as that Calendar Girl .Her films like All about Eve (1950), Love nest (1951), Clash by night (1952).

in 1954.They divorced a year later. In 1956 she married the playwright Arthur Miller. Their marriage lasted four years. Her sense of vulnerability never allowed her to trust and to believe, leading to failed relationships. She required limitless love and no man according to Miller is capable of it. She died pathetically and alone. In her the best remembered film the seven year itch her personality and sheer acting ability played as important role as mere good look.

She often spent hours doing up her face, wash out face and make up again. She was a fitness freak, jogging and yoga lessons.