Married and romantic life of Naomi Campbell always been conflicted

When I Think About Love by Naomi Campbell – YouTube2Although Naomi concentrated towards catwalk but mean while she focused on acting, singing and writing while having strong influence of Jamaica community. She appeared in music videos for Michael Jackson,Arther Franklin and Vanilla Ice along with some movies with as cool as ice, followed by the night we never met, Prêt a Porter, Miami Rhapsody, Girl 6,Invasion of Privacy,Prisnor of Love and many upcoming movies.

She was born in London on May 22; 1970.Her mother was a successful dancer from the Jamaica. Naomi Campbell’s birth sign is Aries and she always laughed while saying how she could survive with Gemini parents. She started her career in the year 1985 and moved on fast track at 18,she was the first black woman to grace the cover of major fashion magazines French ‘VOGUE’ which was followed by the American and British Magazines soon after.

Married and romantic life of Naomi Campbell always been conflicted and she had many affairs with different men, romance with Mike Tyson in December 1987, after his marriage and divorce from Robin Givens. Naomi dated Adam Clayton, Dubai Businessman Mohammad Al-Hatboro, Italian Industrialist, and Flavio Baritone.

Naomi Campbell throughout her career worked for black cause and spoken out against racial inequality in the fashion industry. When she came up with an idea for a Harper’s Bazaar shoot in Cuba and flew there with Kate moss and photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the trip took a celebratory spin when Leonardo DiCaprio unexpectedly joined them. According to her she was promised for  Harper’s Bazaar if not alone then with co stars but when the magazine on aired she was not on the cover she was disappointed but not surprised, I am really happy with Harper’s Bazaar shoot ‘she said diplomatically once.



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