Meera accused of cheating

An artist with her constant bad luck regarding marriage proposals is now once again hit by bad luck. Lollywood film star, Meera who was getting ready to marry a Pakistani-American pilot has now been put under new trial. First the wrist-watch worth rs 2 million was stolen from her house, according to Meera for which she had already filed a case.

A new controversy that appeared yesterday is about the father of Meera’s fiancé, Khalid. He said that actress meera should be awarded the “pride of performance” award for deceiving people. He appreciated how his son was trapped in Meera’s love. Naveed Shahzad’s father has now refused his son to marry Pakistani film star.

Khalid called Meera a cheater. While on the other hand, Meera commented about this controversy that she is not going to marry her father but the son.

Khalid stated that Meera took around $400,000 from his son and he will soon launch a FIR against Meera for the recovery of money.

Meera has categorically denied the accusation. Meera said that she and her soon-to-be-husband will marry soon and this is none of Mr. Khalid business to interfere between personal lives.