Meera still single

It is being reported by different reliable resources that Lollywood actress Meera is facing a news challenge in her life. Her engagement has been broken off. The engagement has been called out by Raja Khalid, her fiance’s father. Meera in recent months got engaged with a Pakistani-American resident, Naveed Shahzad who works as a pilot for a private company in U.S.

Raja Khalid has demanded from actress to return the engagement ring worth Rs 800,000. He while briefing the media said that Meera’s past record is no good. She’s been in numerous controversies. Her marital status is still in doubt since after the appearance of Atiq-ur-Rehman.

Whereas Meera on the other side had categorically denied of being his wife. She further on stated that all the controversies were nothing but the propaganda and plans to defame her had started since she stepped in Lollywood.