Meera … what’s new!

Meera is reported to have adopted two baby deer at Lahore zoo and is probably following the footprints of superstar reema khan. Reema khan who recently got married, became the ambassador of Lahore zoo and adopted toe bab deers few months ago. Reema has moved to USA after marriage and now meera showing morality to the Lahore zoo has adopted deers as well.

While adopting the deers, she also held press conference at the zoo premise and took the oath to take good care of the baby deer herself. She also announced to adopt human kids from the orphanage very soon following the foot steps Angelina Jolie.

Another top story relating Meera gee is that Meera is finally going to get married with Pakistani-American piolet Naveed Parvez. (following Reema again! No I don’t think so). And the great event is to take place on 19 February 2012 in Lahore. Meera, who faced a great marriage controversy with her ex husband Attiq ur Rehman and then from the reality show Kaun Banega Meera Pati’, where she refused to marry the winner of the show L…is finally getting married to US resident airline captain Naveed Parvez. Meera and Naveed parvez are friends from last three years and have finally decided to get married.

Well we wish meera a very good luck with baby deers and hubby dear!