Melodic combat : Pakistan Vs. India

A competition between the two rival nations in sports only is about to held soon . it’s all about India and Pakistan that will share a single stage to compete against each other in the line of melodic combat. Auditions are being interrogated in different cities of both the countries to select the best of 10 singers for each team. Atif Alsam and Himesh Reshammiya are the captains of Pakistani and Indian teams respectively.

Young talent should perform in mega events like ‘Fateh Suron Ki Jeet Sangeet Ki’  without any reluctance, said Faakhir and Arshad Mehmood, well-known singers of Pakistan’s music industry.  Pakistan can win this event against Indian singers if young talent would have come forward to prove their talent in front of Atif Aslam.  Both added.

This is a great effort that can bridge the neighboring countries. It is the best chance for youth to step out and should realize the importance of this kind of international event.  It is the only chance that they can get to prove their abilities in front of the whole world.  Thousands of youngsters have participated for the audition in each city of Pakistan to prove what they are capable of.

No doubt India has got a bigger musical industry that can’t be compared of with Pakistan’s music industry yet talent is available on the both sides with same ratio. This could be the best moment to turn the tables over and to make Pakistan music industry  well famous on international level.
youth of Pakistan has proven themselves the best in numerous fields of science, engineering, technology, health and many others. This time music industry is calling the youth to mark up the history again.