“Men In Black III” hit the floor

As the “Men In Black III” hit the floor, character of Will Smith in the movie is the most discussed topic so far among the fans. Will Smith before the release of picture had claimed that movie will bring the real aliens back to the world along with Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones.Will smith made the appearance in any Hollywood movie after a long pause. He was away from business since 4 years.

“If you mess up Agent K, that s a little bit of a career assassination,” Smith said. “It was one of the most iconic duos of American cinematic history, but the first time he opened up his mouth on set, he got applause. It was such an uncanny portrayal, and he s actually not going to get credit because it s so perfect, it just goes away. By five minutes in, you re just watching a young Tommy Lee Jones.”

The third version of “Men In Black” after the success of its series created the real hype among the movie critics.