Meryl Streep’s personal life was not a bed of roses

Meryl Streep was born in 1951 in very noble and middle class family, Daughter of a drug company executive and commercial artist .She grew up in new jersey, well educated and gradute.People comments her while saying expressions drift over her face like mist, she looks like a new age diva and medieval Madonna. Her tremendous work can easily reflected from Sophie of Sophie’s Choice, Karen of Silk Woodhaven of Ironweed, Karmer Vs Karamer, Search of the French Lieutenant’s Woman and many more.

Other said she is an actress who plays other people better than they play themselves. As a Hollywood standard she is not a classy and awesome beauty but her talent make her stunning, dashing, complete, intense and fascinating person.

Meryl Streep’s personal life has not always been a bed of roses, she married to John Cazale and they stayed together before he died of bone cancer. She was heartbreak but life moved on and she married to Don Glimmer and proves them successful and independent people. She has four kids and rewarding life now, she participates in house chore activities, cooking, taking kids from school. She loved to spent time home.

She is very passionate, charming and independent woman. She won so many awards and accolades.