Mini-artist stuck in Plane

The American actor, stunt man and one of the smallest persons on planet was reported trapped in the Airline’s toilet during a flight. Verne Troyer screamed for help when he was unable to reach the handle by himself. According to him, he tried to open the lock for 20 minutes but failed, upon which he started to shout. Luckily a fellow passenger heard his scream and called the cabin crew to help Troyer out.

According to the today’s morning newspaper,

“After successfully navigating his way into the loo, he was then unable to reach the handle to pull it open again. After a few minutes he began to get a little claustrophobic and panicky.”

 “He began thumping on the door and screeching for help but sadly no one could hear him because it was the middle of the night and most people were asleep. Luckily, a woman opened the door and was shocked to stumble upon Verne.”