Miss world contest (2011)

Miss world pageant may be the earliest making it through major worldwide beauty pageant. It had been produced within the Uk by Eric Morley in 1951, since his death in 2000.Morleys wife Julia morely is Cho-chairs the contest.

Miss world contest turns 60 last year. This year miss world 2011 crowned some days ago. Miss Venezuela beat contestants from 113 countries and have the title after impressing the judges in the categories beach beauty, top model, talent, sports and beauty with the purpose.

Miss Sarcos is one of 13 siblings, was orphaned at 8 and spend five years their studies at a nunnery. She imagined becoming a nun but her existence required another direction so that as she acquired a degree in human assets and labored for any broadcasting company before being a beautiful. She was closely followed by Miss Philippian who majored in marketing. And miss Puerto rico who wants to go on to a PhD in comparative literature.

After a decade long absence miss world CONTEST IS BACK IN LONDON

A hundred or so feminist demonstrators turned up. Outside the venue to resist the things they saw like a degrading human cattle market.The miss world contest doesn’t have the pleasing past as far as its experience with feminists organization goes.

This year the miss world contest can only be watched online as even “”the tackiest ste`

7 November 2011 .the miss world contest has not been broad cast on major channels in Britain for a decade but it is watched by more than a billion people.