Musicals instruments are that devices that create lovely music or adapted for the purpose of making musical sound. Any objects that produce sound that object become a musicals instrument. The histories of musical insturements are dates back to the beginning of human cultures. The origin of the first device has a disputed status about musical instruments dates. The histories of the instruments are 67,000years old. According to the artifacts commonly they accepted that the origin of the early instrument is flute. This is originated as far as 37,000 years back. Musical instruments developed independlty in many populated regions of the world. By the Middle Ages the instruments are from Mesopotamian and could be found in maritime Southeast Asia and European are playing instruments. According to the search of archaeological evidence in many parts of the world. They were used it since 67,000years. In the consensus solidified about the artifacts back to 37,000 years back. In 1995 the archaeologist found that in the olden times there are many were use in making the instatements like mammoth and swan bones. They make flutes out of these bones. According to the scholars there is no completely reliable method which proves the right chronology of the instruments. Anthropologist is attempting to compare musical instruments were made by two cultures that existed at the same times but different in organizations. There are many different methods of classifying   musical instruments. There are various methods to examine the aspects such as physical properties such as material; color, shape etc are use in making the instruments. There different types of instruements which are using in making a melody like guitar, violin, paino,and drums  all these instruments were made after long search and every instruements has a history behind it..Now there are a variety of instruements in the market.