On wedding day who is happier girl or the boy

Wedding is the day of a men and women life. It is one of our most precious days of our life. It captures the memories of our life where everything is getting a new start like you are sharing some person your whole life experience.

At such a beautiful day, it is regardless saying or measuring the happiness of the couple but sometime when I attend a marriage one question always keep in my mind. Who is looking more happy the Bride or the Groom.  Having some deep thoughts most of time I think boys are more happy than girls because a girl is leaving everyone behind for some unknown person. On the wedding day girl leaves all her family for some stranger to carry on her life. so it might possible for a lady to be happier as a Groom.

On the other side groom have its own difficulties like after marriage girl start living with him so no more parties no more friends as they were in the past. The most important is money and expenses which he has to pay along the life now on. But still groom have no such things as pain sadness because he don’t have to leave someone or to sacrifice anything for the marriage as bride did for him.

There are a lot of factors but I want to share my feelings about this so I can get an idea and my mind gets clear about marriage.

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  1. i think girls are haaaaaapy on marriage

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