Own Karachi

A positive colored green step has been initiated by the Karachi Municipal commissioner proposing that every development project for Karachi city should have at least a budget of 15 percent for greenery.


Khan further added that a contract is also being finalized with the Sindh forest Department to purchase around 25,000 trees. The trees will be planted across the city. The duty of plantation will be done by KMC and district municipal committee officers.

Initially the spots that have been detected for trees plantation are Shahrah-e-faisal, Teen Hatti, Liaqatabad, Korangi, and University Road.

KMC officially stated that the department has spent more than one million rupees so far in the recent years for parallel campaigns. Many official personals were found interested in the campaign especially politicians from Sindh Assembly. The step that has taken by the Karachi commissioner is being valued as a relief for the citizens that can enjoy fresh air and oxygen.