Pablo Ruiz Picasso,A great Painter

The traditional centre of popular entertainment in all Spanish cities is of course the bull ring and like most Spanish children Picasso was taken to the bullfighting at an early age. It captured her imagination, and has often been featured in his art.

Pablo Picasso lived in France. When the Amies of Nazi Germany invaded that land in the Second World War Picasso already was an artist whose intelligence was recognized in community. He lived in France. When the armies of Nazi Germany invaded that land in Second world war Picasso already was an artist whose genius was recognized internationally. It was almost midnight on 25th October, 1881, when the artist who was to alter the whole course of art history was born in Malaga, in spain.The infant was called Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the middle name being derived from the family name of Ruiz on his father’s side.

Picasso is known as king of entertainment in every way.               The genius of little Spaniard was boundless. When the Russian Ballet left Paris for a tour of Madrid and Barcelona, Picasso went with them and in Spain in 1918 he married the Russian ballerina, Olga Koklova.

Picasso threw himself harder than ever into his work. He painted, made sculpture and even wrote poetry and dramas and made thing easy for others. The little giant who changed the face of European art. In 1968, during a brief seven month period he created an astonishing series of 347 engravings, restating earlier themes. The magnificent innings of this great man described as the last century’s most prolific and versatile artist came to an end on April 8, 1973.