Pakistani Drama’s craze

One of the latest obsessions of TV lovers is popular Pakistani Drama serial “Humsaafar” telecasted from famous Pakistani channel HUM giving house full of entertainment everywhere across the world. Main lead of Humsaafar is Mahira khan, Fawad Khan, Attiqa Odho, Behroz Sabzwari, Navin Waaqr and many other famous casts from Pakistan TV Industry.

Recently a teenage girl attempt suicide by cutting her left arm nerve and is admitted in South city hospital Karachi and is under strict supervision of doctors. It is said that 19 years old Mehvish attempt a suicidal attack, her friend told reporters she was planning for such an attempt from many days. She told that her friend Mehvish had a great crush on the male lead of the drama serial Fawad Khan plying as Asher in the serial. Her reason behind suicide attempt is her real life story is as same as that of the popular character SARA in drama.

According to the doctors Mehvish is under treatment in hospital and is in intense care because of immense bleeding and blood loss and will remain under supervision until she recovers and start feeling better.

HUM channel and its drama collection is simply making people crazy every single drama and show is at its best like MAAT, MERE QATIL MERE DILDAR, MUJHE SANDL KAR DO, AKHRI BARISH, and several more. Apart from HUM, GEO and ARY DIGITAL is also working at its best and are making people simply mad. These dramas got international fame as well and left behind star plus and other channels.