Pakistani Drama again ruling the industry

Since centuries Pakistan drama industry is termed as the “king of Dramas” because of the skilled and fine art of directors, producers and actors. Pakistan create this image with only one channel naming as PTV (Pakistan Television) and this one channel sweep bold all the international dramas. No doubt, now many other channels are also doing well and have earned million of hearts across the globe.

Unfortunately, few years back a dark period began in our drama industry when Indian dram serials grasp the viewership and snatched much attention with their glamour and female oriented mellow dramas including expensive jewelry, rich families and dresses. The situation gets worsened when Pakistani dramas started copying the Indian dramas to grasp back the viewership. Our drama channels started broadcasting the Indian production which originates a further setback to already deteriorating dwindling drama industry.

But recently, the long desperate struggle our drama industry is finally leading towards quality standard work with a sudden change in format resembling to our PTV tradition. Now, Pakistani audience switched back to their own culture and traditions presented in Pakistani drams and other shows rather than the fake and glamorous Indian entertainment. Paki drama industry got their position once again to rule the industry.

Pakistani drama industry now deserves appreciation and huge round of applause for this success again.   If the struggle is continued with sincerity our film industry can even compete with the international film industry. Wishing them best of luck for every single move in entertainment media.