Pakistani Pop Music Industry

Pakistani pop music is a mixture of traditional classical music with the western influences of jazz, rock and roll, hip hop etc.  pop music is always accepted and liked by the mainstream youth culture. Pakitan pop music industry faced many problems in the form of political pressures ans sanctions, radical Islamicisation, foreign influences and a stiff competition from neighbouring countries. But the industry began its journey with ahmed rushdi’s famous song ‘Ko-Ko-Korina’ in 1966.  A new wave in pop industry was seen during the time of Alamgir who is known as  Everlast King of Pakistani Pop. In 1973, influenced by disco and funk, Alamgir sang Albela Rahi. Many of his songs brought  new wave to Pakistani pop. He mixed classical forms with western modern music. In the same era Muhammad Ali Shehkirose to success with his unique compositions classical forms blended with jazz and rock. The patriotic songs sund by these singers are still nations favourite and remembered by many. During the 80’s Pakistani pop industry was entertained by none other than Hassan siblings i-e Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan. Nazia along with her brother Zohaib Hassan produced consecutive hits. Their songs Disco Deewaneand Tere Qadmon Ko became the famous all over Asia to the extent that their very first album was declared the best selling album of the time in Asia. Some more legeds to name in Pakistan pop industry are Vital Signs, Junoon, Jupiters ,Ali Haider, Sajjad Ali , Hassan Jahangir and many more.

Pakistani pop music in the 21st century continues to grow in popularity as more singers enter the genre. The Pakistani music industry is still dominated by Pakistani pop singers and their popularity has spilled over into neighbouring countries such as IndiaAfghanistanIranBangladeshNepal and other countries in South Asia and Central Asia