Pakistani singers in India

Recent performance by the Pakistani singers in India was another nice effort to achieve the peace across the borders. Mekaal Hassan Band along with Javed Bashir presented soufiana kalam in the capital. Audience gave them a big round of applause for their touchy and soulful melody. Ex-member of the same band, Javed Bashir, came up with a mutual effort with Mekaal Hassan Band in a show that was organized by the Indian Council for Cultural relations.

“The concert is an effort to bring India and Pakistan together and to spread the message of love and unity,” says Bashir, the ex-vocalist of MHB.

“Our melody is totally traditional while our musical arrangement is rock and jazz.”  Added the Hassan’s Band.

Mekaal Hassab Band became popular in public after the launch of their album Sampooran(2004) and Saptak that was released back in 2010. Both the Band and Javed Bashir look so comfortable during the performance and made the audience their captive with soufiana kalam.

Bashir stated “I’ve been performing here since 2000, and we always get a warm welcome from the Indian audience,”

Hassan justified the reason for no such activities in Pakistan by saying that there is a wave of fear due to terrorist activities.  People don’t gather usually. The last concert that was held in Lahore by singer Atif Aslam ended up on a bad note and 3 girls lost their precious lives.

The songs they performed are ‘Aj Aakhan Waris Shah Nu’ and ‘Chal Bulleya’. Ya Ali was the track that sealed that melodic evening. Bashir And Hassan after a very long gap performed together which they really enjoyed. They also applauded the Indian Audience for such a nice and warm welcome.