Pakistani student in Sony World Photography Awards

Pakistani student currently studying in Middlesex University, Asef Ali Mohammad has been nominated for the Oscar-awards due to his photographic work. Total of ten finalists have been selected to grant the 2012 sonny World photography Award. He has done marvelous work with his artistic talent; the way he introduced Hazara people and captured them in images is tremendous. Hazara people mostly live in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Hazara people are being targeted in the line of crimes for kidnapping, target killing, and bomb attacks. Asef maintaining this idea in his mind projected the true ups and downs of Hazara people. 200 students from different universities have participated in the event out of which only 10 were came under consideration.

He said

“I’m excited about being nominated for such a prestigious award. The whole environment that has shaped up in recent years around photography at Middlesex is fantastic. Each year I’ve seen other students get published in magazines and exhibited – it sets the bar high, inspires, and gives you something to aim for.”

Rules for the participation in the event were very clarified stating that each student has to submit one captured picture from his camera that would raise some “fleeting moment” or “the decisive moment”.

Grand Finale of the Sony World Photography Awards ceremony will be held at London’s park Lane Hilton on April 26, 2012.