Pakistani vs Indian Drama

PTV (Pakistan Television), established in 1964, was the first route ofPakistan. At its beginning on, just few individuals were available but with the passing of your energy and energy and effort more and more stars became the aspect of it. In brief, PTV changed into a foundation for stars and stars to demonstrate their prospective, as it was the first organization. It had created a lot of excellent TV performers like Uzma Gillani, Mareena Khan,Saba, Talat Hussain, Shabbir Jan, Mahmood Aslam, Firdos Jamal, Humayun Saeed, and a lot more.

Famous Pakistani Dramas

Actually Pakistani Dramas were popular in previous even in our neighbor nations like Indian etc. These were:

  • Un-Kahi
  • Tanhaeyaan
  • Aanch
  • Dhuwaan
  • Bandhan
  • Alpha Bravo Charlie
  • Sonahray Din

Some excellent dramas are also being created these days like:

  • Anna (by Humayun Saeed)
  • Castle
  • Dastaan
  • humsafar

But these days the attention of individuals towards Pakistani dramas has been reduced, as they do not hassle to see the arriving dramas.

Why Are People Going Towards Other Channels?

The easy purpose is that the lifestyle has become so quick and nobody has a chance to see the Ads. When someone rests to see any popular dilemma of PTV he has to see so much advertising too that will definitely aggravate him (the audience) and he will choose to see something else to preserve his time. One more factor that I want to intricate here is that these days individuals have wire at their houses, providing more than 80 programs, so it is apparent that when you have more alternatives then elements are strained.

Star Plus – A second name of stress

People especially females see just Celebrity Plus 24 time. I am amazed to know that they discuss each dilemma and even each landscape with each other. Just take a look on few scenes:Kumkum’s previous partner has come returning, Tulsi has departed the home, Sujal has passed away and then has come returning again by means of Dushaal, Shruti has been kidnapped. I am incapable to realize that what this is. It is stress and just stress. These dramas are placing incorrect effect on our Pakistani community. The individuals’ believe in on each other is getting reduced day by day. I think an individual recognizes a dilemma for enjoyment but not to get stiff.