Pamela Anderson active for animal rights

Hollywood’s actress and bold model, Pamela Anderson has adopted a puppy from India. Apart from acting and modeling, she also works as an animal rights activist. With the co-operation of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Pamela Anderson took custody of Indian homeless puppy.  

Statement issued by PETA officials

“When Anderson came to India to appear as a guest on Bigg Boss 4, her heart was captured by the plight of the homeless dogs she saw on the streets.”

“When Anderson, an honorary director of PETA US, learned that PETA India chief functionary Poorva Joshipura was headed to the US to meet with her overseas colleagues and her family, she asked if Joshipura would take along a homeless Indian puppy,” the official added.

Anderson told the media that she will be changing puppy’s name soon with “Pyari” or “Lovely”. She further on stated that puppy was rescued from a construction site in Mumbai.
“I’m tickled to be able to give Pyari a loving home,” Anderson said in a statement.

“I already have rescued dogs, and I urge everyone to join me in adopting a homeless ‘desi’ dog from their local animal shelter or the streets instead of buying a so-called purebred,” she added