Pamela Anderson in debt

 Pamela Anderson has been found in great debt to the officials. She owes $524,241 to the California officials just for the sake of personal income taxes. She has also been put under legal accusations from the United States’ court for not paying taxes on time.

New list of tax paying defaulters has been released by The Franchise Tax Board on Friday in which Baywatch star owes more than enough amounts in the name of taxes only.

According to the laws and regulations, person owing more than $100,000 must be made public so did Pamela Anderson too. There is a brief history of the stars that somehow got in to the same list. Previously Singer/songwriter Lionel Richie was reported delinquent for $1.1 million due to non-paid tax. Other stars were caught red-handed are Joe Francis ($794,000), box James Toney ($354,000) and Gena Rowlands ($273,000) along her son Nick Cassavetes ($106,800)