Parveen Shakirs 17th death anniversary observed

The 17th death anniversary of the famous poetess of Pakistan Parveen Shakir was observed on Monday. 26th decmber  2011. It was attented by the well known literary who laid flower on the grave of the late. Parveen Shakir born in Karachi on November 24. 1952. She was a famous urdu poetess, teacher and civil servant . She got her master degree in English Literature and Lingusitics from Karachi University.  She was also professor at

Born on November 24, 1952 in Karachi, she was a noted Urdu poetess, teacher and a civil servant. She did her masters in English Literature and Linguistics from Karachi University . she also did her masters in public administration at Harvard University in 1991.

Parveen Shakir started writing at a very young age. She wrote columns in urdu newspapers. She used her pen-name Beena initially for her writings. The most prominent themes of her poetry are love, feminism, and social stigmas but she wrote in other topics as well. Her writings mainly revolved around romanticism, exploring love and beauty and a heavily integrated use of metaphors, personifications and similes made her writing really unique and emotive.

Parveen Shakir won the  Adam jee Award for her first book; Khushboo. She was also awarded pride of performance later. She died in car accident On Dec 26th, 1994, a great loss to the Urdu poetry world.

A source states, “Parveen seems to have captured the best of Urdu verse. Owing to her style and range of expressions one will be intrigued and entertained by some soul-stirring poetry”.