Planet’s oldest dog died

Japan is the country where it has been observed that the average life of a human is more than any other country. Japan used to celebrate the birthdays of world’s oldest people. This time the bottom line remains same but with an interesting difference. Japan has been honored to have the planet’s oldest dog. Japanese people but couldn’t fix the crown on their head for longtime as the Dog died this week.

Name of the dog was Pusuke, a male dog who spent 26 years and nine months for setting world record to be the oldest dog, died on Monday. It has been reported that no dog has lived such a long life since a century.

According to Japan’s news agency, it has been reported that Dog suddenly refused to eat and drink without any reason but the doctors stated its health good enough.

Owner of the Dog, Shinohara said

“He had been with me for 26 years, and he was like my child. I just want to thank him for living for so long.”

Guinness World Records Book has recognized the dog as the oldest on the earth. The reasons behind the long-lives in Japan could be the minimum environmental pollution, traditional nutrition and energetic standard of living.