Pooja mishra enjoying back at home!


Bad girl from famous house of big boss season – 5 is enjoying being back at home. According to Times of India Pooja is back at her home after being evacuated from the house of big boss due to her bad conduct. House of the big boss holds great attraction not just for common people but also for the celebrities.

Last year we got a chance to enjoy vulgar and filtering gestures of our very own Veena Malik and very very bombarding shouts of Dolly Bindra. If we speak honestly that year these both parties were the main cause why people were stick to the TV and with big boss season 4. This year we have enjoyed lots of cat fights, multi cultured people, two to three guys and bundles of hot girls.

Pooja Mishra is said to be this year’s Dolly Bindra. Some people are even saying that she is a few steps ahead of Dolly. Pooja herself said in her recent interview to Times of India that she was cornered by most of the house mats, that’s the reason why she lost her temper so frequently.