Qawwali night at PNCA

A night set with entirely different atmosphere has been organized by Pakistan National Council of the Arts. Six renowned qawaal from Pakistan were invited to the event. Audience showered their claps and ovations after their performances. This atmosphere left a significant mark in the hearts of listener that won’t disappear ever in their lives. The performance made the audience to sing along with their heart, body, mind and soul.

Qawaal from Lahore, Arif Feroz was announced as the first performer for the night. He warmed up the environment by singing two qawalis namely “Mein jana jogi de naal” and “Man kunto maula”.

Sikander Miandad was then called upon the stage who performed “Tu bhi Haideri malang mein bhi Haideri malang” and “Allah hi Allah”. Chain of Qaawals then started appearing up to keep the audience thrilled.

It has been observed that Pakistan National Council of the Arts seems very much busy with cultural and traditional shows. Its efforts for the revival of culture and traditions are really appreciable. Every week PNCA comes up with new idea that highlights the cultures and tradition of Pakistan.

“The classical-style events are held in good faith and it is with such programmes that we can bring our traditional music back into limelight,” said Ali, attending the Qawwali night.

“The subcontinent is recognised by the qawwali and traditional classical music. It is our heritage, and that is why it is necessary to promote this art as much as possible,” Amber Shah, one of the organizers.