Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Popular Singer

MAIN JAHAN RAHOON RAHAT (EPISODE NO 9) – YouTube3RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN is our international popular singer and musician. He celebrated his 27th birthday in Lahore with his friends. Rahat fateh Ali khan was very much excited for his birthday. He cut his birthday cake with friends including music. Rahat fateh ali khan  has lot of singing contribution in Pakistan and bollywood.he is living legend he work a lot for music and he follows the footsteps of his uncle nusrat fateh ali khan. Now he is going sing with the famous singer papu saeen. On a mega concert on 17th December 2011 in which two legendary singer are going to perform together. Famous drama moa dab Fatima shared the details with media. This is going to be one big shot for labored and full all pun jabs. The mega shoe is blend of Sufi music presented in a different way. Rahat fateh ali has compose beautiful=l songs for industry and also sang many songs in different movies. His first song was in movie paap which make him so much famous that India hired him as their best singer and composer. He is too much talented that what composition he made got popular among people of both country and his qawwils are  very much famous it remind us late nusrat fateh ali khan may GOD GIVE HIM HEALTH AND LONG LIFE.