Rahman malik notify Veena Malik

Nude photo shoot of Veena Malik: Rahman Malik Pakistan’s minister notify Veena Malik about the harsh action.

The hot topic of today in news and Pakistan is about the nude photo shoot of Veena Malik for an Indian magazine FHM, for which she denies but the magazine editor Kabheer Sherma said to Pakistani reports that everything is done by the will of Veena Malik. But the controversies Queen Veena Malik is denying about this shoot.

Veena Malik may or may not done this shoot for a magazine but this time it will not possible for Pakistani’s custodians of morality to hands down because her fans are multiplying every year. Veena Malik who faced many controversies for the last time for participating in the reality show “Big Boss 4” is again in the spotlight for the nude posting with an “ISI” tattoo on her arm on the cover page of an Indian magazine.

Another rumor is it may be possible that her Pakistani nationality will be cancelled.