RANGO : Best animated film

Hollywood movie “Rango” has done a great business at box office after hitting shelves. Johnny Depp who provided his voice for the leading character in film, released in 2011. The story of “Rango” revolves around a chameleon for which Johnny Depp provided his voice tries to maintain the law and order situation in the Wild West twon. The movie has won Oscar Awards for the best animated feature film.

Johnny Depp was selected for the voice-over of the character Rango. Rango is one of the characters from the movie who unfortunately stuck in desert. Rango grabbed the chance to become a sheriff there and then tries to bring the law and order situation in control.

Director Gore Verbinksi looked hopeful for the Oscars while shooting the film as he already had given couple of blockbusters to Box office which include series of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

“Someone asked me if this film was for kids. It was certainly created by a bunch of grown-ups acting like children.”

Verbinksi replied to a question asked at the backstage before the ceremony.