Rani wearing forevermark’s two largest D cut diamond

Rani Mukherjii was bestowed to wear world’s largest D-cut diamonds. There are two of the diamonds and are polished, trimmed and made in such appearance by forevermarks. To endure a forevermark logo there are many steps that a diamond has to pass.

If we talk of Rani Mukherjii, the actress is very excited to get her engagement ring. Rumors are that Rani Mukherjii is going to tie nuptial knots in 2012. The possible candidate for this position is none other than Aditya Chopra. It’s been a couple of years since the news about Rani and her affair with Aditya is circulating in the market.

Aditya Choppra has divorced her wife and is now about to remarry with Rani Mukherjii. On the other hand Rani’s career is looking to be on hold. Despite of a few flicks every year, there isn’t a project worth discussing.