Reema Khan’s Rukhsati

Reema Kan, a renowned actress cum director cum producer of Lollywood and Dr. Tariq Shahab, an American cardiologist surgeon arrived at the ‘Rukhsati’ ceremony being held at Tyson Corners local hotel in the US State of Virginia today. Both bride and groom were attired in their traditional wedding dresses. Reema’s exclusive wedding dress has been designed by a famous dress designer, Hassan Shehryar.

Reema’s parents, family members, relatives, family friends and bridegroom’s families attended the Rukhsati ceremony. Lollywood actress Meera has specially arrived for attending this event. Reema’s wedding festivities have been started since Monday.

Reema was also looking stunning in her green traditional dress at Mehndi ceremony. Lollywood Barbie doll Reema Khan had officially tied knot with Dr. Tariq Shahab Wednesday in Virgin court. Nikkah took place at a local hotel in Virgin according to American law. As wedding gifts, Reema has received a BMW from her husband and a house from her mother-in-law.

Reema also announced that her ‘Walima’ ceremony would be held in Lahore Pakistan. Reema ruled the Pakistani film industry for nearly two decades. She has appeared in more than 200 films. She started her film career in 1990 through Javed Fazil’s super hit movie Bulandi. Her latest Urdu film Love Mein Gum was directed and produced by herself. She also played the main heroin character with Moammar Rana in this film. Sources have told that Reema has invested her life savings in this film because it is the most expensive film to be made in Lollywood.