Reg Presly fighting for life

Reg Presley is an English singer-songwriter. His peak fame era is supposed to be early 60s. He performed as a leading singer in rock and roll band “The Troggs”. His best composed song is “Love is all around” which topped all the chart across world and stayed at No.1 position for fifteen weeks in 1994.

Reg Presley has also written a book namely Wild Things They Don’t Tell Us that was published in October 2002.  

He was hospitalized on December 14, 2011 at Winchester in England. He was suspected with a possible heart stroke. He was continuously suffering with heart’s fluid and pneumonia problems. Reg was rushed to hospital as soon he started feeling band during a live concert in Germany on December 3, 2011.

His wife stated to media teams

“Doctors think he has had another stroke. He’s not very well and I have no idea how long he’ll be in hospital. On 24 January 2012 Presley announced he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and therefore decided to retire from music.”

70-year old legendary singer has also updated his health conditions through a social networking site, he typed

“During my stay in hospital, tests showed that in fact I have lung cancer. I am receiving chemotherapy treatment and at the moment not feeling too bad. However I’ve had to call time on The Troggs and retire. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the cards and calls and for your love, loyalty and support over the years.”