Revival of legendry poets:

Pakistan music is always been the craze of music lovers not only in Pakistan in fact it forced the people abroad to dance on its rhythms and lyrics. Pakistan is blessed with diverse culture because of four provinces and every province carries its own entertainment and music. Pakistani nation is counted among the diverse societies and our culture is beautified by our Sufi poets like Waris shah, Shah Abdul Latif bhitai, Bab Khatak, Ameer karor and many more who wrote heart touching poetry which were later used by many musicians and sung it so amazingly.

Recently, the popular Show Coke Studio abbreviated as CS has revived all our legendry poets by singing their masterpieces in a new classical way making us proud with our assets. Many top class singers performed in Coke studio and remind us the beauty of our culture in a different heart provoking way. Some of popular compositions are Alif Allah Chambey Di Booti, Aik Alif, Hag Maujood and various more. These compositions were experimented several times and songs are performed with an amalgamation of old and new tunes and rhythms.

We are saluting coke studio for creating and making as alive again with our Paki music and making us able to remember a part of our culture forever and ever. Coke studio also promotes the youngsters and gives a chance to show their talent. Best things many new tunes, music and rhythms are experimented in every new episode.