Robin Gees’ last wish

 Robin Gees has lost the battle against life due to cancer and died couple of days ago. He was consistently facing decline in health yet he conquered his last days with good spirit. His son, Spencer aged 40 told journalists that Robin wanted to play the most hit song of his band when laid on death bed.

Probably, Robin was requesting the same song which was released in 1977 and topped all the charts. The song was written by him and his brothers Maurice and Barry.

Robin’s closest friend said in an interview

“It’s a beautiful song, penned by a beautiful person. It couldn’t be more appropriate when we all say goodbye.”

 “He talked constantly about touring again, working with his brother Barry, and about how much he missed Maurice or Mo as he always called him.”

“It was very moving to hear him speak so lovingly of his twin brother — as though he had never quite accepted that he had gone and still felt the same amazing connection between the two of them that they’d always had.”