Salman Khan’s entry in Hollywood

Salman khan is one of the most wanted male actors in Bollywood film industry. He has set fire on box office with three mega hits namely, Dabang, Ready and Bodyguard. He is in continuous form since 3 years. The reports are being erupted that Hollywood wanted to avail Salman khan. Salman khan has said that he won’t be actually acting in the movie but will lend over his voice to a character. Earlier, the voice over role was given to Amitabh Bachan but due to his illness Salman got the opportunity.

Amitab Bachan commonly known as BIG B had already delivered his voice for numerous characters in Hollywood movie industry. He was respectively asked by the producers of the film “John Carter” if he would allow them to go for Salman. Big B himself recommended Salman for this project due to his current box office hit films.Fans of Salman khan are desperate to listen his voice in the foreign film industry.

A magazine stated

“Salman can make anything work with his sheer presence onscreen!”

Director of the film found great base in Salman’s voice and said to go-ahead with Salman.