Saving Face to be dubbed in Urdu

Pakistan Oscar winner, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy upon her arrival reveled another exciting news about the documentary “Saving Face” for which she had received the Oscar Award. She while briefing the media during a conference in Hotel stated that it is such a great honor for any Pakistani to win Oscar Award.

Sharmeen further on told that she is feeling pretty much relaxed that finally the Oscar has come to Pakistan. She also included the whole nation in her moments of happiness. She said being a Pakistani I feel proud very much today.

The exciting news she had revealed is to release the “Saving Face” in Pakistan. She said the process of dubbing the movie in Urdu language is on track. The 52-minute documentary will be released as soon as the project gets completed.

Upon the question of dubbing movie in Urdu, she answered that “Saving Face” is solution of the problem of a woman living in villages and backward towns of Pakistan. Understanding English language is hard for them and they are the women who should know about their rights, that is why the movie is being dubbed in Urdu language.

She roughly estimated the time that hopefully film will be released around April with its Urdu Version