Sean Connery, A man who left school at the age of 13to work as a labourer and became genuine movie star in the world today. He had been busy throughout forty years revealing old-style star quality into one of the dashing screen plays and movies in which he never lose any of the sex appeal and effortless virility that have made him a favourite in society both male and female like his work a lot. Acting is probably what I do the best; he has most of the times modestly.

His father was a truck driver, he grew up in Scotland and at the age nine he was helping the family finances by delivering milk. He could scarcely afford steady education and eventually left the school at the age of 13.Finally, he did the work as coffin polisher and occupied his offline hours by body building and earning more money posing for art classes and swimwear photo shoots. His painstaking efforts develop his physique in a bid for the 1950 Mr. Universe title.

Reading lessons, dancing, singing, subsequently prepared him adequately for a spate of repertory experience which finally led him to respectable roles in British TV production afterwards in life. He worked in BBC, American telefilm, Requiem for a heavy weight. His tremendous work shown in movies Gold finger(1964),With love(1964),Thunder ball(1965),and You only live Twice(1967),Diamonds are forever(1971).

Sean Connery got married to Australian born actress Diana Cilantro and has a son, actor Jason Connery started his own studio in Scotland and provided much benefit to the Scottish national theatre. His nationalism shown in other way too as he started many old age houses in Scotland.