Search for Shabana Azmi by Kathryn Bigelow

It has been reported by the movie critics that Shabana Azmi is being approached by the director of movie “Zero Dark Thirty”. It is being said that Kathryn Bigelow wants to take Shabana Azmi on board for her under production movie being shot in India.


Main theme line of the story is about how killing of Osama Bin Laden took place. Bigelow expressed her wish for casting Shabana Azmi as a Pakistani character in film.

No clear cut answer has yet been delivered by Shabana Azmi. However her secretary had told that she is no mood to talk about the film now but she’ll definitely come up with answer soon.

Shabana is Bigelow’s final choice as she got failed to hire Pakistani actors for her movie. Bigelow wanted to shot film in Pakistan but government didn’t permit so. Oscar-winning director also decided to change the film’s title to “Zero Dark Thirty” from “Killing Bin Laden”.